About Us

  • Domain Merkez is a Subsidiary of Sevtron Global Investment Company Group with business activity in diverse sectors. We are pursuing professional investment and consulting globally and would like to assure you the safety and trustworthiness of ALL our Investment Businesses.
  • At the Subsidiary Domain Merkez we sell ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY our own Domains for reasonable Prices. Please confirm and validate the trustworthiness of our Information at Who Is Website.
  • At Domain Merkez we make things easy and simple for you to purchase Domains. We DO NOT Sell Other People’s Domains, nor do we do Auctions or Bidding for Domains.
  • It is very simple as in the good old days; Once you like the Domain, you either Buy it at the Fixed Price or make a fair decent offer that we can evaluate.
  • Domain Merkez owns tremendous number of Domains in different Registrars and we are going to start with few hundreds that are registered through Godaddy Domains in the first place.
  • Once you make the progress with the Purchase and your Payment is cleared by the Financial Institutions you will receive a confirmation.  Secondly we will have the Registry Key and Password send to your own Registrar or to your attention. You can also contact your own Registrar in advance to arrange the Transfer.
  • Please Note; ALL Sales Are Final and it is based on “AS IS WHERE IS BASIS” We cannot issue a Refund if you decide differently. By pursuing the Purchase, you are accepting our Terms of Services Agreement.
  • For Bulk Buyers with more than 5 Domains, please specify in which Domains you are interested in to receive a discounted rate from your Sales Representative. Please feel free to contact us at any time via email or on our Landline during our Business hours.

We would like to thank you for being a valued customer and hope to doing business with you soon.

In good Faith and Trust for a mutual beneficial Business.


DM Team